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One of the biggest challenges for the local yarn shop is being able to offer their spinning cliental something new, not just the same old thing. The majority of spinners like to try something new from time to time which is the reason a lot of their fiber dollars find their way to fiber festivals. Why not bring those fiber dollars back to your shop by offering a wider verity of fiber types and colors – all without breaking your roving budget?

We recently started our “Roving Assortment Program” for Local Yarn Shops. Basically three times a year we pick 2 new fiber bases, one a basic breed specific fiber and the other something a little more elegant. We use our experience in dying and selling dyed roving to produce 12 special colorways just for the local yarn shops in the program. Then about 45 days prior to the release date we send the LYS’s a pdf explaining what the fiber bases will be along pictures of the colorways. All we ask of the LYS is that they let us know within a couple weeks (30 days prior to release) if they would like to be included in that roving assortment. As always their is no payment required prior to your order being ready to ship – This is NOT a club, the LYS is NEVER locked into an assortment they don’t think will sell at their location, nothing is shipped automatically.

Presently the fiber assortment release dates are the first of February, June and October.

Some details of the program:

  • Each assortment includes 24 x 100gram braids of two different bases with two of each special colorway.
  • The colorways will be exclusive to the LYS’s in the program for 120 days from the release date. If additional braids are requested by your spinners just let us know, we try and ensure we have enough of the fiber for the 120 day period. We do have some of the fibers custom carded for the program, so there could be a delay with an unexpected popular base.
  • The LYS is NEVER locked into an assortment they don’t want. If you are happy with your inventory when a release date is coming up, just let us know, we understand you may not always need an additional 24 braids of roving, we will keep you on the list for the next release.
  • We understand that the LYS knows their spinning cliental better then anyone else, so if you know your spinners are not interested in a certain base, let us know, we can always increase one base and decrease the other.
  • We offer free shipping to yarn shops in the United States on all orders with a minimum of 24 braids.

If this sounds like something your store would like to participate in, just drop us a quick email from the contact page (yes, even under construction that appears to be working) and you will be notified around the middle of August with what exciting fibers we will be including in the October shipment along with pictures of our special colorways.