If you are a local yarn shop (Big Box and On Line discounters need not apply) and would like more information about carrying our yarns and kits in your store please send us a message from the contact page with any questions. Below we have outlined a few things about the program that might be of interest.

Great Fibers: We source our yarns from mills in both the United States and Europe, we are always looking for yarns that provide your customer with a quality, consistent product at a fair price. Before a new base makes it into our line it is tested in house for both knitability and dye retention, then it is test marketed at a few select fiber shows to ensure it is what the fiber artist desires.

Desirable Colorways: Not every base takes the dye in the same way. This is the reason we do not offer all colorways in all bases. Before a colorway is made available to the LYS it has been tested to ensure its desirability to fiber artists. All of our yarns are sold “reskeined”. This ensures that the end consumer has a good idea of what the finished item will look like before their purchase.

New & Special Colorways: Throughout the year we are constantly playing with new colorways and bases. If we hit on what looks like a winner at shows, we do offer it to stores through our newsletter. We have found the newsletter format (which is only available to local yarn shops) to a be a great way to get the item from our dye pots to your customers’ needles as quickly as possible.

Very Low Minimums: Basically, after your first order we have NO minimums on subsequent orders. For small orders we are forced to include the actual shipping cost, so if you have a customer that just needs one skein, you don’t have to order a bag of 10. Just drop us an email and we will get the skein to you as quickly as possible.

Free Shipping: We do offer free shipping on orders with very low minimums, in the USA (yes even Alaska and Hawaii) our minimum to qualify for free shipping is either 24 skeins or yarn, or 15 kits.

No Deposit Required: When you place your order we do not ask for a deposit. We will bill you the full amount as soon as your order is ready to ship, hopefully with in a day. If your order will take longer, we will email you with an expected shipping date within 24 hours of placing your order.

Solids vs Tonals: We do not dye solid colors. While they may be easier to dye, we like the depth that a nice tonal color produces in the finished item.

Reskeining: We know it can be confusing for many artists what a skein is not reskeined after dying. We tested that at a show with a popular multicolored yarn, seeing which the customer gravitated to and then asking why. This is one of the reasons that any skein that leaves our dye studio is reskeined as the last step. The other reason is we have found a certain percent of skeins that have been skeined at the mill are skeined “wonky”. By reskeining every skein, we ensure that the customer gets a product that is easy to wind into a ball.


If you feel you would like to try Hearthside Fibers yarn, kits or fibers in your store just click on over to the contact page and drop us a message, we can get you started today.